Avantida by E2OPEN: All Roads Lead to Rome!

Avantida by E2OPEN: All Roads Lead to Rome!

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Yannick Lefevre, The Head of Global Account Management, Avantida by E2OPENYannick Lefevre, The Head of Global Account Management
Empty runs in heavy traffic.

Sitting in queues for hours waiting to pick up or drop off your container at port terminals.

These are the norms in the container logistics space. Efforts leading to waste of time, loss of money and disappointed customers.

To add to this, is the increasing scarcity of truck drivers, rising fuel prices, and not to mention environmental concerns.

It's easy for container logistics companies to lose money rather than making profits.

Changing the narrative is Avantida, an Antwerpen, Belgium based company, steps in to make a difference, evading bottlenecks and bringing a whole new dimension to clients' container transport planning.

Avantida, today a part of E2open, is a cloud-based, online platform offering services--such as empty container triangulation, change of the assigned drop-off and pick-up location and empty container repositioning--transforming traditional container logistics processes.

By offering ocean carriers’ services through a cloud-based platform, Avantida is relieving container logistic companies from the hassle of having to process the requests manually. Users can easily register and top-up their accounts to request for a service and only have to pay for the successful optimisation.

Avantida’s prepaid platform allows transport companies to get a reliable automated response from the back-end system of ocean line quickly, after evaluation of all business rules involved to process the request. The quick and reliable response allows logistics companies to reduce unnecessary truck movements, negating the likelihood of being exposed to demurrage and detention charges, high container handling costs, traffic congestions, carbon emissions, and peak time pressure.

All Aboard!

By bringing all the key players in container logistics on a single platform, Avantida is making it possible for everyone to utilise ocean line services quickly and to reduce the number of empty container conundrum. This helps logistics companies to schedule their activities effectively and improve freight efficiency, leading to several co-benefits, including reduced logistics cost, traffic congestion, and air pollution. Along with container triangulation requests, transport companies can request for a change of location for picking up or dropping off empty containers and get reliable response through a platform. Avantida’s support team helps users of different languages about any issues related to transactions. “Avantida’s platform simplifies the processes involved container triangulation and helps the transporters avoid transporting empty containers. The platform facilitates the ocean carriers’ efforts in delivering their services quickly, and acts as a steady income source for them, while reducing costs for trucking companies,” Yannick Lefevre, Head of Global Account Management.

Lefevre, along with a team of key account managers from different geographical locations, helps clients in finding new ways to earn more money, utilise their time and resources optimally, and optimise the digital logistics platform to benefit all the stakeholders. As the platform is prepaid, the ocean carriers, as well as the container logistics companies, experience a smooth f low of transactions.

“In 2019, Avantida’s platform experienced over fifty per cent hike in transactions when compared to the previous year,” explains Lefevre.

Avantida’s intercontinental success is a testament to the fact that its solutions are successfully addressing the needs of global truck and container logistics companies. Currently, Avantida’s platform has a steady and continuously growing community of more than 7,000 registered users in 22 countries, including Europe, the United States, and has been recently launched in Japan. The company is embarking on a journey to bring all the key players of all continents on one platform to reduce inefficiencies and strengthen global trade. As every country has different regulations, the cloud-based platform is designed according to country-specific laws and regulations. The company aims to improve its existing solutions further while also providing new cutting edge solutions to optimise and strengthen global trade.

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Avantida by E2OPEN

Avantida by E2OPEN

Antwerpen, BE and Krakow, PL

Yannick Lefevre, The Head of Global Account Management

Avantida, an E2Open company, is a global online platform that facilitates services offered by ocean lines to transport and logistic companies for digitally optimized container transport planning. The company's reuse and repositioning applications provide actionable information that can minimize miles driven, increase container velocity, lower costs for carriers and transport companies, enable exporters to ship more efficiently, and reduce CO2 emissions as well as congestion at depots, ports and surrounding communities. Services include reuse (empty container triangulation), change of the assigned drop-off and pick-up location and empty container repositioning