Cogoport: Enabling Global Commerce through Innovative Technology

Cogoport: Enabling Global Commerce through Innovative Technology

Purnendu Shekhar, Founder and CEO , CogoportPurnendu Shekhar, Founder and CEO
Micro, small and medium-sized businesses play a huge part in the economic growth of a country. Their growth enhances market competitiveness and strengthens entrepreneurial ecosystems. Having a global reach is a dream of every business, but MSMEs face many challenges while trying to get into foreign markets. Their corporate governance and management are often weak, which limits their ability to export. A promising solution would be to allow them to enter new markets. Importing/exporting and shipping is an unwieldy process, which includes hefty documentations. Cogoport, freight booking platform, is cost-effectively simplifying this process.

Cogoport was founded with the vision to accelerate growth by providing better shipping and cash flow, Cogoport is enabling MSMEs to improve their productivity and profitability by offering them affordable shipping and logistics services. Cogoport assists small and medium-sized exporters and importers to grow their businesses internationally, even without internal logistics expertise.

Cogoport uses innovative technology and analysis to help its customers move cargo faster, cheaper and more efficiently. It offers end-to-end solutions, simplifying booking and tracking of shipments, and offering real-time access to information, easy invoicing, and transactions. Using this platform, exporters and importers can easily connect with logistics providers and conduct their international trade effectively. They can also plan and manage their day-to-day operations. Cogoport has a customer-centric business model which enables its clients to receive the best services. Its intrapreneurship-fostering vision ensures that it provides out-of-the-box solutions and delivers the best experience to its clients.

Exporters and importers can avail several services such as affordable freight rates, booking of shipment in a minute, tracking, documentation, paying in USD, dedicated account management as well as 120 Credit days. Users can easily add freight rates into quotations and send them to customers hassle-free. All shipping documents get saved securely on Amazon servers. These documents can be easily communicated to stakeholders, customers and service suppliers. The Automatic Task Management enables the user to book a shipment and it automatically assigns all documentation to the concerned service provider.

Businesses can save thousands of dollars if they plan their shipping. Freight prices are driven by supply and demand.

Flemming Frost, President

During rush hours, these prices go up and businesses end up paying more than they should. Cogoport allows users to plan their whole shipping process to spend less. Cogoport also offers Smart Currency Conversion that lets them choose the currency they want to pay and save 3 to 5 percent in spending. They can also instantly see their credit balance, invoices, payment dues, and transaction histories. Smart Cash Management enables them to book a shipment and pay later with up to 120 days credit. Cogoport approves the credits within 48 hours of application and the application is free of cost. Cogoport has no hidden fees or processing, which ensures a seamless user experience. Users have the liberty to compare rates from freight shipping lines and NVOCCs and select the best options for them. They can collaborate with their customers and plan the shipments, finalise rates, and schedule delivery.

Cogoport offers a unique collaborative workspace for the users, wherein they can delegate tasks to different teams and oversee through a single dashboard. They can connect with freight forwarders, customs officers, carriers, and Cogoport via a 24/7 mobile chat feature and get their issues resolved instantly.

Users can track all their shipments via a single platform. The user has complete control over the shipments and each shipment gets updated regularly. The tracking is available for all major logistics providers such as CMA-CGM, OOCL, Evergreen, Maersk, and many more. They can book FCL freight shipments as well as LCL. Cogoport also enables them to book, plan transportation, manage customs clearance and do the documentation in one place, streamlining the entire process. They can request the FCL rates from verified and trusted freight forwarding companies within minutes. Cogoport offers CBM (Cost Based Volume) Calculator which helps them find out the LCL freight rates. Cogoport connects its clients with only trusted and verified professionals, enabling safe and on-time delivery of shipments. Cogoport also assigns individual account managers to its clients to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Flemming Frost, the president of Cogoport says, “Technology, like the Cogoport platform, is helping companies to recast value chains, improve client satisfaction, customer and financial management, and to increase their profitability – which can only be good for the global economy.”

Cogoport is relentlessly improving its services and operations to simplify the global logistics ecosystem. By leveraging the latest technologies and allowing MSMEs to globalise, Cogoport enables diverse economies to grow. It encourages its clients to take meaningful risks and face the challenges of the industry gracefully. It goes without saying that Cogoport is on the verge of changing the logistics industry for the better.

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Mumbai, India

Purnendu Shekhar, Founder and CEO and Flemming Frost, President

Providing affordable shipping and logistic services to MSMEs