Exandia: Uplifting Businesses through Digital Transformation

Exandia: Uplifting Businesses through Digital Transformation

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George Papazidis, CBDO - Kostas Kalogirou, CEO - Theofilos Mylonas, COO, ExandiaGeorge Papazidis, CBDO - Kostas Kalogirou, CEO - Theofilos Mylonas, COO
In the highly prolific logistics industry, time and customer experiences are the driving forces of business excellence. Organisations failing to deliver on this promise could potentially risk losing out market share to newcomers in the logistics space. Therefore, building a logistics network with digital technologies would offer a new degree of agility and efficiency to companies, enabling them to raise the competition in an effort and facilitate customers with the most efficient and transparent service delivery. But varied factors are disturbing the livelihood and longevity of logistics organisations; from changing customer preferences to implementing the right tools for supply chain management, these variables are creating intangible issues within organisations. Besides, traditional logistics companies are also plagued by underutilisation of assets, old and inefficient manual processes, and outdated customer interfaces that hinder business efficiency. With an aim to support logistics companies, Exandia provides a varied set of services for its clients’ discrete business requirements.

Exandia’s software development expertise, in tandem with efficient delivery and institutionalisation of best practices, empowers logistics companies to address cloud migration or technological developments effortlessly. “We partner with logistics companies and enable them to deliver solutions based on the wide assortment of requirements, cost-effectively and efficiently,” asserts Kostas Kalogirou, CEO of Exandia. The company has orchestrated projects with clients across various genres of technology, including cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), mobile enablement, application modernisation, and business intelligence. Additionally, Exandia digitally transforms the organisations it associates with by partnering with industry leaders and specialising in the development of IT services for logistics companies, thereby bridging the gap between clients and their customers.

But, what differentiates Exandia from its competitors is the continuous investment made by the company in the development of subject matter expertise, domain services, and highly talented resources.

We partner with logistics companies and enable them to deliver solutions according to their client needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner

Last year, Exandia experienced exponential growth through its services in the logistics vertical across the American and European regions. Supporting these developments, the company plans on conducting custom recruitment and specifically tailoring resources in accordance with its clients’ long-term growth strategy. On the flip side, the driving factors of success and ever-expanding client base of Exandia would be benefitted through its long-term partnering model, customer-focused engagement strategy, competitive pricing, and creative thinking acumen. In 2019, the company registered a 100% conversion rate for logistics pilot projects, and clients that collaborated with them realised the value of high-quality resources and deliverables at competitive prices offered by the company. “Logistics clients’ partner with Exandia to enhance IT capabilities while reducing the cost of IT services for their company or subsequent customers,” mentions Theofilos Mylonas, COO of Exandia.

Highlighting his firm’s unique value proposition, Mylonas mentions a customer success story where the company helped a logistics client migrate production infrastructure to the cloud (Amazon Web Services). Exandia completed the project in less than six months with zero implementation downtime and outages, since the first phase of deployment. Also, the migration process lowered the cost of infrastructure ownership while realising the benefits of agility delivered through cloud implementations. Similar, a testimonial from yet another engagement reads as follows: “We have been working with Exandia as an outsourcing partner for software development and cloud related expertise. In less than a year Exandia has become an invaluable component of our in-house team supporting our company strategic goals. The Exandia team has been delivering high quality results within expected time frames. Worth mentioning is the team’s flexibility and technical expertise around back-end.”

Soon, Exandia plans to relocate its headquarters to larger office space, owing to a 300 percent increase in workforce strength and having outgrown their current workspace in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the same time, Exandia will also promote the continued growth of ‘local technology services capabilities’ in the city of Thessaloniki, energising the emerging tech hub of five major Universities and world-respected research centres.

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Thessaloniki, Greece

George Papazidis, CBDO - Kostas Kalogirou, CEO - Theofilos Mylonas, COO

Exandia provides software development services to clients worldwide, leveraging a dedicated team of proven and highly specialized professionals to provide world-class client solutions. The company also provides tailor-made software solutions to improve the efficiency of operations and simplify processes. All custom-made solutions are implemented with a deep understanding of the industry and keeping in mind the customers’ needs & expectations. Software development is done in close co-operation with its customers and its dedicated software engineers for every industry distinctively. Further, Exandia implements and supports specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of the software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics