UWINLOC: Asset Tracking Solution Powered by Battery-less Tags

Eric Cariou, Co-founder and CEO, UWINLOCEric Cariou, Co-founder and CEO
Over the years, technology has quite significantly changed how logistics operations are managed around warehouses and factories. All the labour-intensive tasks have been replaced by software solutions that automate inventory management and logistics, ingesting efficiency into the way stocks are organized and loaded or unloaded. While most of these solutions use RFID to trace the inventories, one company has gone beyond the widely used RFID solutions to offer battery-less, passive tags using Ultra Wide Band (UWB). Enter UWINLOC. Based in France, UWINLOC provides the only indoor asset tracking battery-less tags that, along with identification, can continuously and accurately locate the assets.

The company solution employs passive tags that trigger and emit a unique identifier UWB signal once they have collected sufficient energy. The tags work thanks to a radio energy harvesting technology, enable the tag to be remotely power up to 20 meters. The signal is then seen by UWB receivers around the building every 20 to 40 meters. The triangulation from this UWB receiver allows a 30-40 cm precision for every parcel, box, or pallet around the covered zone. The company also employs a software platform that ensure continuous data analysis and for the clients tomanipulate this data and inject it easily into customer’s ERP and WMS
"The focus for us has always been to provide high quality and reliable data, which is easily exploitable by the customer to create additional value,” explains Eric Cariou, Co-founder and CEO, UWINLOC.

“The benefit of our solution is that it allows businesses to identify and locate the assets on consistently without any manual operation to be able to manage a 100 percent fully automated inventories and see work in progress trucking without the use of barcodes of RFID,” says Cariou. UWINLOC’s software solution allows its clients to track the assets as they move along the production line in their warehouse, all of which is completely automated. UWINLOC’s solution proves critical for businesses that need to have a dynamic and continuous way of tracing millions of assets.

UWINLOC was founded in 2015 to address the need to identify and locate the products on any premise continuously.

The benefit of our solution is that it allows businesses to identify and locate the assets continuously without any manual operation to manage 100 per cent fully automated inventories

While the market at the time had other solutions such as the IoT and RFID, the team at UWINLOC realized that UWB could prove to be more reliable, robust, secure, and most importantly, precise when it comes to tracing the exact location of assets. The drawback, however, was that the battery drains quickly when the UWB technology is used. The UWINLOC hence found the ideal solution in introducing battery-less tags. “One of the breakthroughs we brought was to invest heavily in two ICs (two chips) which allow us to have a battery-less tag,” adds Eric. Since then, the company has been enabling businesses to automate their inventories in and around their establishments. The company’s association with one of its clients—Eramet—best defines how critical its battery-less tags can be for organizations. Eramet, a prominent mining and metallurgy company, needed a tracking solution when it partnered with UWINLOC, which deployed its solution indoors to track the assets throughout the production process. But the client, in this case, also had outdoor storage, which expanded across seven hectares. Hence, they not only had to manage the operations indoors but also around the building. UWINLOC helped the client with the task and employed its battery-less tags to track the inventories outdoor with no fixed infrastructure, ease to install and efficiency. This “nomad” solution is integrated in a unique module that can directly be installed on forklifts or any other rolling machine that pick and drop asset, enabling to always know the last position of each asset, while doing continuous inventory.

Several other instances where businesses seek to employ such a solution can help track volumes of raw materials often stored outdoors around their establishments. “Earlier, it was very complicated for them to track the exact amount of raw material in their stock. Now, with our solution they have a continuous, real-time vision of the raw material stock,” says Cariou. This nomad solution is a game changing tool for logistics players trying to manage their flow.

Having assisted numerous reputed brands such as Cisco and Airbus, the company has many successful projects to look back at. In the future, UWINLOC seeks to expand to Europe as the team sees Asia being a big driver for the company’s growth.

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Toulouse, France

Eric Cariou, Co-founder and CEO

Helps businesses locate their assets using passive, battery-less tags using UWB