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Top 5 Logistics Tech Startups in UK - 2022

Increasing technological advances are reshaping industries, and logistics and supply chain management may be one of the most impacted sectors. The logistics industry, which is known for its extensive use of manual procedures and enormous amounts of data kept in various methods and locations, stands to benefit the most from deploying new technologies and following the most innovative Supply Chain and Logistics technology trends. Artificial and augmented intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation, to mention a few, have all experienced significant improvement in the logistics business in recent years. These technologies have progressed at a breakneck pace, while companies with even more cutting-edge solutions and innovations continue to emerge at a rapid speed. However, these advances bring with them new expectations and norms, compelling logistics companies to adapt or risk falling behind. Customers, both individuals, and businesses exert a lot of pressure, asking that their products or services arrive faster and cheaper than ever before.

Organizations require front-line innovations and processes as logistics evolves into a new ball game. While error-free and quick transportation is the most important requirement, mechanizing the transportation process and applying RFID technology for product tracking are examples of cutting-edge approaches. With logistical arrangements in place, businesses may take advantage of GPS, which enhances the location of trucks and deliveries, as well as blockchain, which plays a critical role in forming a secure chain of exchanges. Businesses can make use of IoT-enabled logistics frameworks to become more data-driven.

Owing to the ease of accessibility delivered by tech-based logistics solutions, shipping organizations are increasingly outsourcing logistics operations to technology providers. At this juncture, there is a wide variety of logistics tech startups entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. Our goal with this special edition is to highlight the best-of-breed logistics tech solution providers that leverage innovative technologies to drive successful businesses. This edition also blends thought leadership from subject matter experts with real stories on what selected vendors are doing for their clients, including exclusive insights from CIO’s and CXO’s. Write us your thoughts  

    Top Logistics Tech Startups in UK

  • Ceedbox is powering the fastest growing logistics businesses in the UK and Europe by creating software solutions that revolutionise the world of global transportation.


  • Chill Chain

    Chill Chain

    Chill-Chain connects businesses that need to ship food from A to B, with hauliers that specialise in refrigerated transportation, through one simple system

  • EV Cargo

    EV Cargo

    EV Cargo is a cutting-edge transport, logistics, and freight forwarding technology service provider, making a world of difference with its technologyenabled supply chain. EV Cargo is ripe for managing supply chain requirements for the world’s leading brands with over 200 logistics partners alongside 100 warehousing sites

  • Logmore


    Logmore makes the world smarter, one measurement at a time. With their clear, fast and secure data logging service, they are making big data and IoT a reality

  • Sorted Group

    Sorted Group

    Founded more than a decade ago, Sorted Group is an innovative force of over 100 team members, confidently delivering transformational DX tech on a global scale