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Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups in Europe - 2021

Logistics can spell the difference between success and failure in business. While some industries are already reaping the benefits of the “new digital future”, others struggle to find their way. The logistics and transportation industry is clearly one of the latter examples. It wasn’t until recently that the big industry players have started making changes to their business models regarding freight transparency, online booking or automation of processes. This lack of initiative has created a perfect playground for young and dynamic companies who try to disrupt this industry. And by now, there are so many new players already out there that they cannot be neglected anymore. Although many of these startups are still relatively small in terms of revenues, they have got the attention of the big incumbents as potential competitors and acquisition targets.

Leveraging their digital expertise, fulfilment experience, and high levels of customer service, the global e-commerce behemoths – Amazon, Alibaba, and others – are moving into logistics in a big way, competing with incumbent providers while significantly raising the bar in customer expectations. In addition, a host of specialised startup businesses have emerged to target critical aspects of transparency and automation in the logistics value chain, from initial quote and booking, through real-time track and trace to end fulfilment. Especially in Europe and Asia, these startups are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models. Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups in Europe to guide organisations in the logistics sector in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s challenges. We hope this issue of the Logistics Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven business environment.

We present to you, “Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Logistics Tech Startups in Europe

  • AX System provides an innovative AI-based, preventive “traffic light” system that monitors dangerous crossroads and sections in warehouses and industrial facilities. With the power of artificial intelligence, the AX SYSTEM predicts dangerous situations or possible accidents and gives a distinct warning to enable a seamless operation of forklifts—making the workplace safer and eliminating the fear of mishap from workers’ mind. The AX System is able to recognize two objects heading toward or endangering each other. Based on the data, it computes possible outcomes with the use of artificial intelligence and warns drivers of a potential collision with light and sound signals


  • Cogoport uses innovative technology and analysis to help its customers move cargo faster, cheaper and more efficiently. It offers end-to-end solutions, simplifying booking and tracking of shipments, and offering real-time access to information, easy invoicing, and transactions. Using this platform, exporters and importers can easily connect with logistics providers and conduct their international trade effectively. They can also plan and manage their day-to-day operations. Cogoport has a customer-centric business model which enables its clients to receive the best services. Its intrapreneurship-fostering vision ensures that it provides out-of-the-box solutions and delivers the best experience to its clients


  • The Logistics Cloud is a neutral logistics platform open to shippers, forwarders, carriers, customs, and third parties with low entry barriers. It offers a global and multimodal solution to exchange transport data between all participants in a supply chain to maximum transparency and automation across companies in real-time


  • LuckaBox offers a robust platform for businesses to find the best parcel, express, and bike courier service for their products right up to the last mile. Luckabox team is committed to helping businesses streamline their delivery processes, drive value and digitally transform their approach to supply-chain management. The company also welcome conversations with companies operating complex enterprises so they can share more about their approach and why they are the first and only provider of choice to meet these unique needs


  • Pick8ship is a leading e-commerce logistics solutions provider offering automated fulfilment and last-mile delivery solutions. In his quest to redesign the logistics model, Dr. Haid drew inspiration from Malcolm McLean, a transport entrepreneur who revolutionised the cargo industry in the 1950s by introducing the intermodal 20 and 40-foot shipping containers. He took McLean’s containerisation approach and combined it with his experience in the restaurant equipment business and consulting work on logistics and high tech at McKinsey & Company. The result speaks for itself. The company pioneered half palette-sized containers—which they call ‘trolleys.’ Along with that, the company also designed two other products: RoboSort and RoboVan


  • Helps businesses locate their assets using passive, battery-less tags using UWB


  • Ysura designs and develops sales and marketing tools for the pharmaceutical industry in the form of Software-as-a-service (SaaS). With clients in over 17 countries, Ysura supports pharmaceutical companies with Ysura Suite, which has a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps improve sales and marketing processes. Every Pharma company can improve its efficiency, and communication by using a CRM. One can monitor multi-location activities, check accountability, and set targets and rewards for higher performances. Pharmaceutical companies must always maintain relations with clients, health professionals, and health care centers


  • byrd


    byrd offers an e-commerce fulfillment platform that helps SMEs to easily outsource their logistics so that they can focus on their core competencies and efficiently grow their business

  • cargo.one


    cargo.one is a platform for booking and marketing air freight capacity. The company focuses on offering instantly bookable quotes for multiple airlines, making it the first booking platform of its kind

  • Einride


    Einride is a Swedish technology company that develops and provides freight mobility solutions based on electric and autonomous vehicles, leading the transition to sustainable transport